“Flowers will never be boring. They can be kind and admirable. Aggressive and crazy. Extravagante and enchanting. Shy and discreet. I just can’t stop painting flowers.”
The obsession with flowers are sprung out of the flowers skillful ability to show the whole spectrum of emotions, personalities and moments through life. Flowers somehow represents life, vitality, flamboyance and they express a wish of “see me, love me, need me”. But flowers also represents death, sorrow, mortality. We are flowers, we want to be seen, loved and needed and we also express sadness when life hits us there.
Madelen grew up surrounded by the flower’s beauty, meaning and value. At Madelen’s and her sibling’s birth, their mother dedicated a certain flower each one of them. Madelen was dedicated the red rose and her siblings were dedicated the crocus, yellow rose and snowdrop.
Her grandfather, also a painting artist and art restaurateur, were known for painting pansies and meadows. Madelen grew up surrounded by his paintings and still finds a lot of inspiration in them.
“A painting of a bouquet of flowers may seem simple and like it has nothing to say, no statement, no message. But think of all the flowers you have ever given and received and then think about all the things those flowers said. At birthdays, funerals, welcoming a newborn, when someone has passed away, on a date. At any time, flowers are the perfect message when you don’t know what to say or when words are not enough. Flowers are silent, you can’t hear them, but they say a lot.”
Madelen has always enjoyed the direct feeling she gets out of looking at flowers. Art doesn’t need to be difficult to be good. Quite the opposite actually. And that’s why she loves painting flowers.
We put flowers in a vase where they live and they die in front of our eyes. Meanwhile, they just want to be seen, loved and needed, just like you and me.”

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